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We invite you to our Special Events for sharing information about the Workings and Excitement of OWL!

These are opportunities to meet you and introduce you to OWL and Ourselves.  See you soon!

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Timothy Klein ec u1At OpenWorld Learning. . .
"We underappreciate the role that failure and mistakes play in learning. Before we can be good at something, we have to first be bad at it. When teaching children, we expose them to ideas that are brand new to them, so it is hard at first."

Read the words by OWL's Curriculum Specialist and Site Leader, Timothy Klein:

The Importance of Failure

Sponsor a New School Site!

All Focus and Concentration!

All Focus and Concentration!

The requests and needs for OWL to establish new sites, in new schools, is long standing.  You are invited to sponsor and establish a new site in your (personal or corporate) name.  A three year commitment is suggested, while a longer time shows your dedication to the future of the Greater Denver Community and the young lives that will be leading that future.

info@openworldlearning.org or
303-832-0066 for more information.


”Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with OWL over the summer! It was a joy to teach the kids about computers, Spheros, and Legos!”

-OWL Summer Camp Instructor



ISTE-OpenWorld-Learning-SoA-sealSince 2011, OWL's Curriculum has held the ISTE Seal of Alignment, the gold standard in measuring digital literacy. Learn more about OWL's ISTE Alignment.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. . .

We have been making STEM happen for over 15 years!DSCN3580 ce u

We are Your Opportunity to make it happen as well!  STEM Education is vital for the future of Denver and Colorado.  Only with STEM training can we attract the Jobs, Companies, and Opportunities that will drive our economy now and in the future!

Your Participation!

Laptops – A Light in the Community

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“I felt excited when I got my laptop because I never got something that was big and I couldn’t afford.”  – Lee

Yes, laptop donations are needed, and they are earned!

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OpenWorld Learning (OWL) serves
Cities and Counties in the Denver,
Colorado, Metropolitan Area,
the OWL Community.

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OWL TechFair

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Coming Soon!
April 30, 2016

Location:  Industry, 3001 Brighton Boulevard

Emcee:  Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks

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There are Several Ways to Feel Good and cause a contribution to OWL!

These are at no, or additional, cost to you - the participating vendor contributes!

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Have fun on the internet, do some shopping, or enjoy lunch or dinner.  

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