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Save the date!  April 30, 2016

TECHfair details will be posted as they become available for 2016!

Competitions include ePortfolio, Tech Challenge, and Robo Challenge, with a Resource Fair representing the community.

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See the results and pictures from:

OWL TECHfair 2015!

Laptops – A Light in the Community

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“I felt excited when I got my laptop because I never got something that was big and I couldn’t afford.”  – Lee

Yes, laptop donations are needed, and they are earned!

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Wish List?

We all have one. . .

Here is a list that keeps OWL. . .   OWL-Some!

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There are Several Ways to Feel Good and cause a contribution to OWL!

These are at no, or additional, cost to you - the participating vendor contributes!

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Have fun on the internet, do some shopping, or enjoy lunch or dinner.  

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Inspiration & Insight

admin-ajax[1] ceOpenWorld Learning seeks to show all children that their minds, their imaginations, their stories that they have to tell are just as beautiful and radiant as their peers who may have started out with more.

Read the words in the Blog by Lucy Jayes:

Finding Power in Poverty


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We invite you to our Special Events for sharing information about the Workings and Excitement of OWL!

These are opportunities to meet you and introduce you to OWL and Ourselves.  See you soon!

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A parent of an OWL Summer Camp participant, wrote this about her son who attended Metro:

"Clark is LOVING the opportunity and he has told everyone, so proudly, that this is the first ‘scholarship’ and he says ‘maybe I will get a scholarship to college, too.’   We are like, YES!!!"

OWL Volunteers are OWL-Some!!!

Make a Difference! Volunteers are needed!

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