The Great MAZE OFF

The Maze Off at Edgewater Elementary was a raging success!

IMG_2405Students have been working on programming their Sphero robotic balls for 6 weeks at their OWL Summer Tech Camp. They designed a maze, drew out a blueprint and then used their computer programming skills they learned at camp to get the Sphero ball to complete the maze. The winning team was surprised with a generous gift from Jim Booth of Orbotix: a Sphero 2.0 for each member of the team! The morning was full of enthusiasm, fun and pride! “How cool to see kids so excited and engaged in what was really a math exercise,” said Scott Mobley, OWL Operations and Resource Manager.

Piep van Heuven, OWL CEO says it was “aMAZEing”!

Tara Stroup, OWL Director of Operations said,  “I’m so proud of the students that stuck with the camp for over six weeks. This maze of really showed off their interest in computer programming and summer learning! Wow!”

Also in attendance:

Dan McMinimee – Superintendent, Jeffco Schools
Jim Booth – COO, Orbotix
Brenda Carlson –  Community Superintendent, Jeffco Schools
Terry Elliott – Achievement Director, Jeffco Schools
Bonnie McNulty – Edgewater Mayor
Joel Newton – Executive Director, Edgewater Collective
Stella Peterson – Board Member, OWL

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