OpenWorld Learning (OWL) provides a fun and challenging after-school educational program centered on teaching advanced computer technology to Denver area students. OWL serves 3rd through 8th grade students from low-income families.

Using interactive technology developed at MIT, our programs help children invent, engineer, create and design through fun and challenging, project-based learning. OpenWorld Learning is committed to bridging the digital divide and developing a community of energized learners.

A hallmark of our model is the concept of “Student Leaders”, volunteers promoted from within our students who exemplify a love of learning, creativity, hard work, and a passion for helping others. These leaders serve as learning resources for their peers, embodying the proven outcomes of peer-learning methodologies consistently demonstrated across educational situations. In this way, we strive to make learning relevant and fun while also equipping students with transferable life skills essential to long-term success.

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6 week summer camps will be offered at current OWL program locations!

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Students from grades 3 through 8 are eligible for OpenWorld Learning’s after-school and summer programs. OWL’s students learn advanced technology skills, including computer programming and engineering while developing the key skills: thinking, analytic reasoning, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership. Since our inception we have proudly served more than 7,500 students with over 800,000 contact hours, including 1,200 students who received more than 140,000 contact hours during the 2014-2015 school year.

We are pleased to be a part of the Denver Afterschool Alliance. The Denver Afterschool Alliance is  a citywide collaborative of community stakeholders working together to ensure Denver youth have access to quality afterschool programs and enrichment opportunities that will help them achieve success now and in the future.





OWL recently received, for the fifth year in a row, the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) Seal of Alignment for Proficiency with the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S) for its Student Elementary and Middle School Level Curriculum. ISTE’s Seal of Alignment has not been awarded to any other elementary or middle school curriculum to date. For more information visit the OWL ISTE Alignment Page or visit

“ISTE congratulates OpenWorld Learning for earning a Seal of Alignment for Proficiency for its’ Student Curriculum. This recognition is reserved for resources that have been rigorously reviewed by NETS experts. ISTE’s NETS experts found OpenWorld Learning’s Student Curriculum to be a constructivist approach that is well aligned with ISTE’s learning philosophy and the objectives are clearly correlated with a number of the NETS for Students (NETS•S) indicators. Students are able to choose among these strategies as needed to contribute to their learning goals. The content and presentation of the curriculum materials is age appropriate and of very high quality.”

– Carolyn Sykora, ISTE Seal of Alignment Senior Project Manager