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Apps Use Can Use In Your PC

Imovie is a great platform for editing videos to create something exceptional. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for the users to edit video clips and move from one scene to another, along with saving the results in a digital format. Imovie has plenty of different things to offer to its users. So, before you decide to download iMovie for PC, there are certain useful tips that you should know about using it.

Features of FaceTime for PC

All Apple devices are globally acclaimed for their user-friendly interface and simplicity, and with FaceTime, Apple has maintained the same legacy. The interface is sleek and clean, and super easy to operate. Even less tech-savvy people can make use of this video chatting app without difficulty. Since FaceTime for PC is a free app, users are not likely to spend any money to enjoy chatting through this app. All the features included in the application, everything is free to use. This application allows users to make video chatting only. You can also make a voice call and video call using this application with your friends without any cost. You can’t use the application for sending free text messages.

The video and voice calling feature of FaceTime for PC encourage users to use this application on their Smartphones and Laptops. You can use it on your Apple gadgets for voice and video calling. The front camera is used to record your videos and send them to the server, and the server delivers the live feed to the receiver end. But, the receiver must also be a user of Apple gadgets to use FaceTime. You would need strong Wi-Fi connectivity to make use of this video calling application. Data Pack services may also work for Smartphone users while using this video calling platform.

Useful editing tips for using iMovie on the PC

  • The Fade in- To use the fade-in for the audio clip, it is suggested first to select the whole audio clip and then press A to open the audio inspector. Then choose fade-in manually and drag it to the desired fade-in point.

  • Zoom in-For zooming in the video, it is better to select the re-timed clip and then use the crop for cropping a selected portion. After that, drag the cropped part on the image.

  • Filing the sound gap- If you come across any sound gap, then it is better to select the audio clip, the purple one, then go to the edit and copy option, and then use the edit and paste option for filling the gap.

  • Slowing down-Firs go to the desired clip, then click right and choose a split clip from the drop-down menu. Then press I on the second portion of the split clip, and the inspector would open, after which you can set the speed you want.

Imovie is undoubtedly an amazing platform that allows one to be wonderfully creative by putting their editing skills to the right use. So after you download iMovie for the PC, you can do wonders and create wonders with these useful tips.

How is Facetime for windows more than just an app?

iPhone users have loads of options to pick from the apps which are available across the web. Though android phone users are no less in benefits, Apple has always been innovative with the way software begins to carve up your personal life. Facetime is a similar app with loads of features to surprise you. Available only on Apple platforms, you can also use this app for your windows or android phone users.

This guide talks about Facetime for windows PC and system, which is surely a great thing to try.

What’s new in Facetime?

Simply checking out the features of this app is more than anything to get it downloaded instantly. Features of the Facetime app are as follows:

  • A literal multitasking device, you can keep on talking with your friend whose face will still peep from a tiny window on the careen while you are busy accessing other apps. This feature is not present in most of the apps, and you can easily make full use of your device.

  • Choose a contact from the list on your phone, and here is the calling going on without any problem

  • No technical glitches are there in the app, which makes you download it easily

Downloading Facetime for windows phone

The app is easier for getting things working for you. Officially this app is not available for windows phones. But you have an option that includes trying out varied alternatives, which prove to be a major reason to enhance your fun through this app. Many alternatives are there for the Facetime app, which tends to serve you more than anything else.

Let us check out this list quickly:

  • Skype

  • iMovie

  • Glide

Skype is quite an old app that is excellent for android and windows users. You can still get the best from this app in many ways and if you seek more alternatives, then try out the other two.

Downloading Facetime for Windows PC

PC users can have a sigh of relief; though Apple has not come up with any official version of this app for PC users, APK files can still be found out easily from the web. Check out how to get this app downloaded on your PC:

  • First of all, check for the OS that your system has, which can be Windows 10, 7, XP, 8.1

  • A decent internet connection is a must which helps to make it truly amazing for you

  • Do have a mic; otherwise, you will not be able to build up a conversation with your friends

  • Good CPU speed helps in making this app works work well

  • RAM must be above 2GB

Facetime for Windows PC is truly the best for you and makes you have communication amazing. There are no restrictions on boundaries; therefore, trying out this app can be considered full-on enjoyment. Windows platforms provide you varied sources of entertainment, and you can talk with whom you like.

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  • February 3, 2021

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