Are you passionate about education, technology, and making a difference in the lives of Denver youth?

Join the OWL Team!

OpenWorld Learning is always looking to recruit highly trained and committed instructors and leaders!

Submission Instructions
To apply to a job at OWL, please submit your resume/cover letter to Please be sure to include the position you’re applying to in the subject line of your email.

In your cover letter, please highlight experience or abilities you bring in the following areas:

• People/teamwork skills
• Leadership or customer service experience
• Youth development experience
• Teaching experience
• Interest in Latino community/Spanish language skills
• General computer skills — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
• Digital photography/layout/graphic arts experience
• Computer programming or web design courses or experience

As an organization we are committed to providing our instructors with a well-rounded experience that revolves around professional development, a collaborative learning environment to support outcome driven results, while also providing a flexible schedule.

Professional Development:
OpenWorld Learning is committed and dedicated to providing our instructors with ongoing professional development opportunities outside of lab hours. By joining our technology-focused organization, you will receive 70+ hours in the areas of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Programmatic Operations. The computer programming, technology software, and teaching skills that you learn will equip you with the knowledge to enhance your professional portfolio/resume and work as a teacher in our program. As an employee, you will also have the opportunity to become eligible for more pay as you accomplish various levels on your individually-tailored professional development plan.

Learning Environment:
OpenWorld Learning is committed to fostering a collaborative learning environment where employees feel valued for their knowledge and appreciated for their contribution to the organization. We will walk with you step by step and teach you how to do basic computer programming and also teach you how to use other computer software like Photoshop Elements 10, Frames (stop motion animation), and Lego NXT (robotics). At OpenWorld Learning we are committed to teaching you how to do the work.

Flexible Job Schedule:
OpenWorld Learning is committed to providing our instructors with a flexible work schedule between the hours of 3-6pm, Monday thru Friday. This schedule works well with students, retired individuals, and other professionals interested in working a part-time schedule.


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