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Microsoft Windows- A Definite10/10

Microsoft Windows has been around for a long time now and is potentially the widest used Graphical User Interface based Operating system family in all of the worlds. Falling behind only to Android in terms of device platforms, it is one of the best with its constant innovations and efficient service. Here’s how you can increase the efficiency of your Microsoft Windows system. Let us discuss it in detail.

  • Fixing 100% disk usage:

Is your pc slowing down? It may be because of an application using all of your hard disk drives. Normally displayed in the task manager, find the disk usage tab. If it shows above 97% consistently, you are affected. To fix this, however, is not a tough task to accomplish, and you can easily do it with the following steps.

  1. Open the task manager and look for the application using all of the solid disk drives.

  2. Click on the control panel and then the administrative tools option.

  3. Locate the services option and click on it.

  4. In the new pop-up screen, look for the application causing the usage and click on it.

  5. To terminate the services, click on ‘stop.’ You may choose the disable option in the ‘startup type’ option.

  • Turning on dynamic lock:

It is often we leave our laptops open and go to grab a glass of water. We certainly don’t want our peers to sneak a peek inside our files. Well, there is a remedy provided by Microsoft Windows. You have to pair the phone to the pc through Bluetooth and then head to settings. Go to accounts, and then to sign-in options. Scroll down and check the dynamic lock option. This enables your laptop to lock itself once your phone is out of its Bluetooth range. Quite useful.

  • Storage sense:

Space running out in your SSD? You can have a clean-up easily by following these tips. On the system page of settings, go to storage. Click on a drive to get specific details and free space as needed. If you want to avoid the hassle of deleting files now and then, turn storage sense that deletes temporary files and items in a recycling bin over 30 days old.

  • Night light:

Reading is a hobby but your eyes pain when staring at the screen for long hours? This normally occurs due to the blue light emitted from the screen and changed with a few simple steps. Microsoft Windows has catered to your needs efficiently. To turn on the night light option, you need to go to the systems tab under settings and then click on display. This opens a pop-up where you can enable night light. This removes the blue light and makes the viewing soothing to your eyes. You can also personalize the lighting times according to your will.

  • Phone notifications on pc:

Checking phone notifications can be irritating when you’re working on something on your pc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the same notifications on the pc itself? Install Cortana on your phone. Tap on profile in Cortana and enable options for notifications. Turning to your pc, go to Cortana settings. Enable send notifications between devices. This allows you to have all notifications of your phone on your pc. You can manage calls, sends texts, and what not? Tech has come a long, long way.

  • Recorder:

Just launch it through Cortana and start recording. This will allow all steps you take on your pc to be recorded and ready for viewing when you stop recording. Typically beneficial to teach someone a few critical aspects that are tough to be made aware of otherwise. You can also add titles and subtitles based on your preferences.

  • Set reminders:

We often use sticky notes to quick note phone numbers or note something like taking your dog for a walk. A reminder could be useful in case of that. Microsoft Windows has created exactly what you ask for. Open sticky notes. Go to the menu. Click the gear option. Turn on insights. This will enable smart AI (artificial intelligence) that recognizes keywords and lets you take progressive steps towards them.

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The latest trend of the best gaming monitors is available nowadays, which makes use of the synchronization technology that helps in reducing the motion artifacts and tearing while lowering the input lag. These displays are also equipped well with the free sync modules that offer control of screen refresh rate to GPU and allows display for operating well with the changing refresh rate. The result of it is very smooth and offers experience with the decreased input lags. These best models are also equipped with different video inputs and help all in staying connected to the multiple numbers of PCs or gaming consoles like Sony PS4 pro or Microsoft Xbox one S. the ports are even ideal major consoles even use the HDMI. Simultaneously, some of the high-end cards of graphics provide the DIVI connectivity or display port.

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These tips and tricks are sure to help you shortly and ensure you use your Microsoft Windows operating system and its services to its maximum. For one, you can surely leave your laptop without being worried about your privacy being hampered.

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