Alicia Martinez

Multi-Site/Hiring Manager

Alicia was attending the University of Colorado at Denver, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and a minor in Philosophy, when she started with OWL in November of 2006. She was hired as a Teacher and in her first year moved up to Site Leader, which she spent the next 10 years doing at a few different sites until she found what she called her “work home” at Munroe Elementary. She was able to be Site Leader at that school for the last 5 years. She has served many, many students there and it was always an honor to be a part of that community. In January of 2017, Alicia took the position of OWL’s Multi-Site and Hiring Manager so that she can challenge herself with a new role and start to give back to this organization in a way other than what she did as a Site Leader. After a decade of being at OWL, Alicia looks forward to being on the office staff team and learning new things!