Grades 6th – 8th

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Through the Middle School Program, OpenWorld Learning (OWL) is excited to begin offering services to the often forgotten middle school student. The core of the program is divided into distinctive “Techno Tracks” designed to attract, engage, and instruct the middle school student. Additionally, students explore career opportunities within their areas of interest.

OWL’s Middle School curriculum currently includes the following Techno Tracks: Robotics, Movie Making, Website Design, and Graphic Design.  Each track allows students the opportunity to engage with their peers while learning about innovative technologies they could possibly encounter in their future.

The Middle School Program teaches iconic computer programming in an open-ended approach, which supports the development of problem solving skills, project planning and management, as well as, meta-cognition through reflection and feedback. One of our main goals is to keep an inventive, hands-on learning approach to curriculum design and implementation, one that enables children to learn by building, imagining, playing, testing, and improving their inventions by sharing it with peers and teachers.

Additionally, we are working with prominent universities and companies to implement a Career Exploration curriculum designed to give students the opportunity and guidance to look at a variety of careers that are available to them and the various skills and abilities one needs to work in those career fields.

Where We Are:

OWL serves the following middle schools for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Grant Beacon Middle School
  • Kepner Beacon Middle School

See a map of our current locations.


We are pleased to be a part of the Denver Afterschool Alliance. The Denver Afterschool Alliance is  a citywide collaborative of community stakeholders working together to ensure Denver youth have access to quality afterschool programs and enrichment opportunities that will help them achieve success now and in the future.



For 2011 – 2016, OWL received the ISTE Seal of Alignment, the gold standard in measuring digital literacy in students for curriculum and student assessment.