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Overcoming Limitations of the Apple Loyalists: Tweakbox- ACMarket Alternative for iOS

A brief overview

Unlike the Android operating system, iOS does not allow the installation of third-party apps. Innumerable app installers that allow the safe installation of third-party apps like ACMarket, have been created for android powered devices. However, in life, hacks for everything exist.

Tweakbox is regarded as the most robust and the best application installer for downloading and installing third-party games and apps on Macintosh devices. It is thus titled as the updates of the application are very regular. The content is up to date, and the versions that are compatible and can support the upgraded iOS versions and security fixes are also released periodically. You don’t have to jailbreak your device to download it.

Tweakbox also overthrows the functionalities of Cydia, so users who did not have Cydia can readily use this. As such, it is also known as Tweakbox- ACMarket Alternative for iOS.

The top 5 Features of Tweakbox

Here is why Tweakbox has become increasingly popular with iOS users-

  • App Store- loads of games and applications that have been modified with extra functionalities and features like in-app purchases are all available for free and would have been paid purchases had they been bought from the App Store.

  • Applications- it has a database of the best screen recorders, emulators, movie apps, and another such high in demand apps

  • Upgraded Apps- not only does it have the original apps, but it also stores the updated and modified versions of certain apps like Instagram++

  • Upgraded Games- all your favorite games, upgraded with extra features, even the ones that were paid for, are now all available for free

  • Security- Tweakbox ensures that no malicious or Trojan applications and games are listed on its database and has garnered the trust of millions of users and developers all around the world.

Steps to download and install the Tweakbox app on an iPhone

If you want to download Tweakbox, you only have to find a secure link for its download. You can do so by simply searching it on your web browser. I will recommend downloading it from a trusted source website. There are plenty of them, so finding the download link is not a difficult task.

Follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. From your iPhone, go to website of tweakbox.

  2. Click on ‘Install Now’ on the console that opens

  3. It will prompt you with ‘The website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow it?’ Click on ‘Allow’

  4. A download message will prompt open informing you when the file has been downloaded.

  5. Close the prompt and go to Settings.

  6. Click on ‘Profile Downloaded’

  7. Select Tweakbox and then click on ‘Install.’

  8. If you have secured it, then you will have to enter your passcode to be able to continue installing it

  9. When the console prompts, click on ‘Install.’

  10. Click on ‘Done and return to the home screen

  11. You can now use the app safely.

What kinds of applications can be found on Tweakbox?

Tweakbox boasts of a wide range of applications and games. From the original ones to the unofficial modified versions, they can be found in this store. It has all the Appstore apps, tweaked apps, and hacked apps.

It also has various game emulators, phone cleaning applications, screen recorders, movie apps, etc. can be found very easily via this application.

Some very Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Given below are some of the most common queries raised by users-

  1. Untrusted Developer Errorif you encounter a prompt saying that it does not trust the ‘Enterprise Developer,’ then you need to let Apple know that you trust the source of this application. You can do so by following the instructions given below-

  • Go to ‘Settings’-> General-> Profile and Device Management

  • You will find the list of all the app profiles on your device; click on ‘Tweakbox profile.’

  • Tap on the ‘Trust’ option and then close the console

  • The application should now run error-free

  1. Will the warranty on my device be canceled if I use Tweakbox? – Put, no. Tweakbox is not breaking any rules regulated by Apple. However, if you install one of the many Cydia tweaks available on it, your warranty might be voided. If you have to take your device to an Apple store, delete the tweaks.

  2. What is Tweakbox? – It is an application installer that allows the download and installation of third-party apps. It is an upgraded version of the official Appstore and has millions of apps and games

  3. Do I compromise on my safety by using Tweakbox? – although it is an unofficial application, users and developers worldwide have vouched for it and are safe to use

  4. Should I trust this app, and how? – since it is safe to use this app, you can trust this application. To allow your device to do so, follow-

  • Go to ‘Settings’-> General-> Profile and Device Management

  • You will find the list of all the app profiles on your device; click on ‘Tweakbox profile.’

  • Tap on the ‘Trust’ option and then close the console

  • The application should now run error-free

  1. How do I uninstall it?

Follow the steps given below-

  • Tap and hold the Tweakbox icon on your home screen

  • Keep holding it till it begins to wiggle

  • Tap on the cross mark in the top corner of the icon

  • Click on ‘Confirm’ to delete it

  1. Can I download Tweakbox on Android? If so, then how? – yes, Tweakbox can be downloaded on Android devices as well. To download it, follow these steps-

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Security

  • Go to ‘Unknown Sources’ and enable it to let the app be downloaded

  • Search for the Tweakbox APK online and download the file from a trusted source

  • After the download is done, click on ‘Install’ and follow the instructions that appear on the screen

  1. Can Tweakbox be downloaded on a PC? – Yes, it can be installed on a MacBook, laptop, or PC by using an Android Emulator to download the APK file.

It makes applications affordable for everyone without risking the safety of your device. A big thumbs up by developers world over, you must try and use this app.

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  • March 6, 2021

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