What does it mean to Sponsor a School Site?

OpenWorld Learning provides a fun and challenging after-school educational program centered on teaching advanced computer technology to Denver area students:

OWL aims to offer an equal opportunity by offering afterschool and summer programs for Title I, 3rd – 8th graders that help them develop digital literacy skills. OWL is a fun and safe way for these students to learn computer technology through projects and peer teaching. We provide these students with real-world learning opportunities they may otherwise not have access to, and they have been proven to improve school attendance and standardized test scores, especially in math.

They receive meals, recreation, field trips, and the Love of Learning! They are protected and occupied after school! And, they return to OWL as Staff or Volunteers (what an endorsement)!

Toward the end of our school year the OWL TECHfair brings together the achievements of our budding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) graduates giving them an opportunity to compete using their learned computer and coding skills.  Such a time it is, with Excitement, High Energy, Focus (very focused), and Accomplishment.  You are welcome to attend.  Understand, the TECHfair is not the objective, but the learning and focus of the Children in participating with their growth in coding from the year’s efforts, makes (for) the reality of the TECHfair!  It is an opportunity for them to be excited and proud of their year of achievement!

At our recent TECHfair, Parents, Friends, and Communities celebrated the impressive efforts of all of their honored children learning computer skills in our ever evolving society where those computer skills are their Futures – and Future Livelihoods.  So many things we touch are computerized, totally, or in some way, and these children will be ready to design, build, and operate what is needed for all of us in our futures.

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A quick overview of just some of the workings of an OWL Site expressed through the TECHfair:

  1. ePortfolio– students submit their projects in advance and winners are announced on site.  Categories included art and animation, game design, interactive learning projects, writing/research, robotics, graphic design, and stop motion animation.
  2. Tech Challenge– Teams from each OWL elementary site showcase their MicroWorlds skills in a live competition.
  3. Robo Challenge– The Robo Challenge is a live LEGO Robotics competition featuring students from all of our middle school sites.
  4. Resource Fair – Community organizations were present to inform guests about a wide variety of resources in the Denver area.


As a realistic number, funding one School Site Location for one year is in excess of . . .  OWL is requesting your participation in a starting level of $ as a School Site Sponsor.  Your participation, in your manner and capability, your means, is what makes it all happen!