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The Basic 101 Of Seo Techniques

What is SEO?

SEO Technique stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means developing a website for search engines. It is also known as Search Engine Copywriting. It is mapping and developing a website to get good results. It also enhances the quality and quantity of traffic. It is also helpful for marketing by knowing how the design work. SEO is the subdivision of Search Engine Marketing.

How does it work?

  • Crawling: It is the operation where all the web pages are collected and associated with the website.

  • Indexing: It is the operation of designing an index for all the collected web pages to store in a huge database from where web pages can be taken.

  • Processing: When you give the search request, it compares the search string with the database index.

  • Calculating relevancy: The search engine calculates each page’s relevancy page in the index where the search string is present.

  • Retrieving results: It is nothing but displaying the results in the browser.

Categories of SEO techniques

  • White Hat SEO: Techniques of good design, which is suggested by search engines. It does not contain any duplicity. It also assures the great quality of web pages. White Hat SEO Technique also provides effective content on the web pages. It ensures that the web page is created for the users.

  • Black Hat SEO: Techniques that search engines do not permit to decrease the effect. It uses Keywords in metatags and also uses keywords unnecessarily. This is metatag stuffing. It redirects the user to a friendly web page. Here Cloaking SEO technique is used. That means delivering one version of the page to users. Page Hijacking is also used here.


Search Engine Ranks:

When any keyword is used in to search engine, many numbers results are displayed. The ranking is based on the webpages which have been displayed. The process of developing a website to be ranked high in Search Engine Optimization.

Ways of Optimization:

  1. On-Page SEO: It includes good content, choice in keywords, placing keywords in the right position, giving a good name to every page.

  2. Off-Page SEO: It includes search engines, transferring links, building links, etc.

SEO Content

It is the page you see on the site, like text, graphics, and links. Excessive graphics should not be used as it slows down while downloading. Several books, articles are available, which helps your website to be user-friendly. If the quality of your content is high, the ranking will be higher. Fresh contents attract users faster.

Mobile SEO

Developing a website that Some websites can be fit for both desktop view as well as mobile use. Some can be viewed on mobiles without zooming the screen. A good mobile website takes only less bandwidth and also takes less time while loading.


  • Create a page that contains a minimum of 200 words.

  • Create sitemap, help, FAQ, about us, Copyright, Disclaimer, privacy policy, etc.

  • Create homepage link on every webpage etc.


  • Don’t keep hidden texts on your webpages.

  • Don’t keep subpages.

  • Don’t create hallways.

  • Don’t exchange your links etc.

Spread Your Website By Using Seo Techniques

Content creation is one of the most demanded and searched jobs nowadays, and many organizations are searching for individuals who can fulfill their needs with good standards. Many creators got rejected because their work doesn’t follow simple guidelines, improving the quality of their work that companies needed.

Those guidelines or strategies are known as SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization); these techniques are specially designed to optimize the contents. There are mainly three types of SEO, but the foremost technique used is On-Page SEO; including this SEO will ensure your content makes a place in one of your dream companies’ desks.

Techniques for writing Quality contents

The main agenda of using this technique is to grab users’ attention and

  • The first and most important thing to consider the frame and length of content; usually, readers like to read short division and scan the top part of an article. So if you are willing to grab readers’ interest, you have to make sure that your paragraph has sufficient information. The grammar, spellings should be perfect, and the sentences you create have to be eye-catching.

  • Most users, readers have their priorities, mottos, and agendas, these things appear as keywords and generally the most important of all SEO techniques which they try to find in the pages, blogs, etc. and expect the page to contain these words, suppose a user visits a page with his/her requirements which doesn’t have time to spare then they will probably look for the word in your page that they are trying to search. Playing with keywords or managing them to make the content look phenomenal is a talent that a foundation demands; it helps publish high-end content while focusing on target keywords.

  • Many readers feel tedious while going through pages because some of them are overwhelmed with words. You don’t have to reduce your information, and you have to break your sentences and provide space between paras so that the readers visit the next line with some spark in their eyes. You can make the start of your paragraphs interesting by using bucket brigades, so like that, you are filling readers’ brains with information and allowing them to enjoy your witty stuff.

Drawbacks attached to SEO techniques

  • Suppose you are selling something online, and to grab customers, you created a page by following SEO techniques brilliantly, and now your page is being visited by thousands. It increases your sales overnight but come to think of it, are you ready to handle such a lot audience while satisfying everyone’s needs.

  • Suppose you got many confused users reading your website. In that case, you have to be ready because your mailbox will be filled with inquiry questions that are considered troublesome if you are trying to handle both positive and negative inquiry questions.

  • It can sometimes play against you, like if you can fulfill the needs of many users, but for some, it’s might just not enough so they can spread some negative comments about your page, and it can drastically affect your business.

SEO techniques are one of the most important tools one can use to hike their ideas or business; without them, you cannot imagine your website reaching every household or device. Still, it is more like a double-edged sword, and you have to be very sharp while using SEO so that it works for you and not against you in the future.

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  • January 25, 2021

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